Honestly, I really didn't know what to expect. I thought that it wouldn't work for me because it didn't include taking medication or a physical change of sorts. Something I found really helpful was the meditations that Antonia recorded which I could load onto my phone and play through headphones whenever I wanted. Without sounding like a cliché, it honestly has changed my life. I've learnt tools which have been transferable to other anxieties and I've learnt the power of my own mind and thoughts. I couldn't fault a thing. I wish the time went slower! I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Antonia to a friend. She was super friendly, helpful and supportive. I trusted her completely and was able to let myself be relaxed and open to each session because of how comfortable she makes you feel. CW







When I came to Antonia I had never tried hypnotherapy before, but it was recommended by a physiotherapist. It was a complete novelty, and I'd had no idea of how it might work. I found the experience positive, enlightening (about myself), reassuring and sometimes very enjoyable. Although sometimes, of course, one has to grapple with real difficulties. My problem had its roots in the distant past, and in such a case you have to be patient, and prepared to work at it seriously. Antonia's personality is ideal for her profession: she is patient, perceptive, calm and genuinely interested in her clients. She has a pleasant voice and manner, does not hurry you, and knows how to put a nervous person at his or her ease. The process of the hypnotherapy itself produces results which are sometimes dramatic and moving. CF







Before I tried hypnotherapy I definitely had a view that it would be a bit of "look into my eyes", and I was very glad that it wasn't. It was "proper" therapy with the hypnotherapy side to it more like a relaxation or mindfulness session. I enjoyed the space I was given to be. I also greatly appreciated the introduction to the brain and how it responds to certain situations. I felt this was useful information and helpful in uncomfortable situations for me. Honestly there was nothing I didn't like. I found the atmosphere and Antonia's style very calming and helpful. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy and have been on a very good path in life since finishing the sessions. I have gone on to recommend hypnotherapy to others. AM







Before I came to Antonia I'd had hypnotherapy before so I knew it worked, however I was in such a bad place at the time that I was doubtful that it would work. I wasn't disappointed - it was fantastic! The best thing about it was the way that I felt awful before the session and then so calm, confident and happy after it. I felt very comfortable around Antonia because she's such a lovely person and I trusted her completely - I think this is very important in hypnotherapy and something that other people would benefit from. RG