About Me

Antonia Gooder BA (Hons.) DSFH HPD AfSFH-Reg. MNCH (reg)


My specific interest in hypnotherapy stems from my personal transformative experience with IBS and from also having seen the remarkable difference that a short course of hypnotherapy made to my daughter: literally changing the direction she took in her life. Originally sceptical, I was surprised and intrigued by such outcomes and it led me to train as a clinical hypnotherapist.


Having been in practice for over three years I continue to be impressed at how such a relatively brief, straight-forward and relaxing technique, can make such positive, lasting changes to peoples’ lives: putting them back in control and able to create the future they want beyond struggles in their past. It can be daunting to seek help when things are difficult, but once people have taken the first step it's empowering to watch how much people adapt, change and move on from what had seemed intransigent and debilitating issues. 

Clinical research into hypnotherapy for IBS has demonstrated the value of the treatment as an adjuct to help with chronic IBS symptoms. It's an area I particularly enjoy working in because, when successful, it can make such a big difference to everyday life. By using hypnotherapy to lessen their experience of symptoms people can rediscover a level of freedom that had previously seemed unattainable.


I’d like to hope that, with my focus on IBS, you will feel comfortable talking through your experiences of the condition with me. It can feel embarrassing, awkward and upsetting to talk about digestive problems, and not feeling able to relax can make the situation worse. Though it can be simpler to stay away, I am here to help and to explore with you what changes might be possible. Please feel free to come as you are - my priority is to help you find a way to a happier, more carefree life, in an environment where you feel welcome. 

Qualifications and Memberships

My registration as a hypnotherapist with CNHC (The Complementary and National Healthcare Council) gives you the reassurance that my qualifications and practice conform with nationally recognised standards. I have a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DSFH): both are endorsed by NCFE. 

I’m a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and adhere fully to the NCH and CNHC regulatory codes of conduct.  

I’m trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy having completed the BRIEF International Certification course, and am an experienced listener for a national mental health charity.

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I’m professionally insured and have an enhanced DBS certificate.

I keep my skills up-to-date through regular supervision, CPD Training and publications.

Prior to training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I worked in industry, the media, have raised a family, and bring experience from all of these into my practice. 


Hypnosis - What’s going on inside?

An electroencephalogram (EEG) reading being taken during recent research conducted by Dr Rachael Gillibrand, Psychologist, UWE, into the effectiveness of a hypnotic trance in stimulating brain wave activity: alpha and theta brain waves in particular. The EEG charts brain activity as I go into trance.


The hypnotic state is associated with a marked increase in alpha and theta brain wave activity. Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxation, calm reflection and a reduction in feelings of both anxiety and low mood, while theta brain waves are linked to enhanced creativity, problem solving and memory. Full research findings to follow.